Circles Timer

Perfect time-managment tool

Circles Timer is an app inspired by popular time-management technique. Its main goal is to increase your productivity. This tool allow you to focus on your work, compute total work time for each day and analyze statistics using beautiful charts.

Basic usage:
1. start work timer;
2. work until timer rings;
3. take a short break;
4. work again;
5. after every 4 short break take a long break.


Timer is the main part of Circles Timer application. It combines practicality, minimalism and catching design. You will understand immediately how to use it. The control buttons have a convenient location, and size.

The number of seconds before the end of the time interval displayed in numeric format. Also it is duplicated in beautiful circle. You will be able to evaluate the remaining time, even looking at the screen from a distance.

Color identification of work and breaks also allows you to not grasp the meaning of the name of the interval. You can easily remember the color scheme that will allow faster to use the application.

You can always pause the timer and continue from that point, or reset the launched interval.

Also, you have a simple and intuitive way to change the sequence of intervals. When the timer is stopped, you can select the timer interval in one motion. Then restart the timer.


Circles Timer application allows you to be fully informed about the time spent at work. Charts can be customized according to your preference — you can view the results by months or by weeks. Swiping you can see the statistics of previous periods.

The application provides many opportunities for productivity analysis. First, it displays you the main chart, which reflects the current results. Second, you can choose to display the results of the previous week or month, and visually see the changes.

In addition, it is possible to display the average values for one or more of the past weeks or months. This will allow you to see the smallest deviations in the current productivity.


Settings screen allows maximum flexibility to manage the application's functionality. You can customize the duration of the work and breaks, change the frequency of long breaks. Available timer setting to automatically switch to the next mode.

You is available free collection of sounds. For each interval, you can set a separate signal to be reproduced at the time of the completion interval.

Charts parameters can be changed in the Statistics section. Number of weeks and months for the calculation of averages, statistical calculation for the entire week or just for working days — all this you can customize yourself.